Dedication This 2018 edition of Fluoridation Facts is dedicated to Dr. Ernest Newbrun, respected researcher, esteemed educator, inspiring mentor and tireless advocate for community water fluoridation. About Fluoridation Facts Fluoridation Facts contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding community water fluoridation. A number of these questions are responses to myths and misconceptions advanced by a small faction opposed to water fluoridation. The answers to the questions that appear in Fluoridation Facts are based on generally accepted, peer-reviewed, scientific evidence. They are offered to assist policy makers and the general public in making informed decisions. The answers are supported by over 400 credible scientific articles, as referenced within the document. It is hoped that decision makers will make sound choices based on this body of generally accepted, peer-reviewed science. Acknowledgments This publication was developed by the National Fluoridation Advisory Committee (NFAC) of the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention (CAAP). NFAC members participating in the development of the publication included Valerie Peckosh, DMD, chair Robert Crawford, DDS Jay Kumar, DDS, MPH Steven Levy, DDS, MPH E. Angeles Martinez Mier, DDS, MSD, PhD Howard Pollick, BDS, MPH Brittany Seymour, DDS, MPH and Leon Stanislav, DDS. Principal CAAP staff contributions to this edition of Fluoridation Facts were made by: Jane S. McGinley, RDH, MBA, Manager, Fluoridation and Preventive Health Activities Sharon (Sharee) R. Clough, RDH, MS Ed Manager, Preventive Health Activities and Carlos Jones, Coordinator, Action for Dental Health. Other significant staff contributors included Paul O’Connor, Senior Legislative Liaison, Department of State Government Affairs. In addition to her legal review, Wendy J. Wils, Esq., Deputy General Counsel, Division of Legal Affairs provided greatly to the vision of this publication. Disclaimer This publication is designed to answer frequently asked questions about community water fluoridation, based on a summary of relevant published articles. It is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the extensive literature on fluoridation and fluorides or to promote professional advice. Readers must also rely on their own review of the literature, including the sources cited herein and any subsequently published, for a complete understanding of these issues. @2018 American Dental Association This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of the American Dental Association except as provided herein.
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