BEST SELLER Toothflix® 2.0 Complete Series DVD Take the ToothFlix 2.0 Complete Series with you to group presentations, use it for informed consent in treatment rooms, turn on the subtitles and run on a silent loop in the reception area or choose from three preset loop programs: Kids, Reception Area or Dental Procedures. 1. Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums 2. Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body 3. Preventing Periodontal Disease 4. Treating Periodontal Disease 5. Tooth Decay 6. Early Childhood Caries 7. Your Child’s Teeth: Birth to Age 5 8. Your Child’s Teeth: Ages 6-12 9. Sip and Snack All Day 10. Smile Makeover 11. Veneers 12. Three Tooth Replacement Options 13. Crowns X830 Complete Series DVD | Members $399.00 Retail $598.50 X830B Bonus Pack: Complete Series + Reception Area DVDs | Members $539.00 Retail $808.50 14. Bridges 15. Implants 16. Dentures 17. Cracked Tooth 18. TMD 19. Tooth Extraction 20. Root Canal 21. Why Doesn’t My Insurance Pay for This? 22. Dudley Visits the Dentist 23. Dudley Goes to Camp Brush and Floss 24. Dudley’s Classroom Adventure 25. Brushing Magic with Dudley and Dee Dee 26. Dudley’s Grade School Musical Toothflix or PatientSmart— which is right for your practice? Compare them in the FAQ list at Toothflix videos require no special equipment or skills. Whether you want to show videos in operatories, the waiting area or during school visits, there is a Toothflix video series that is right for your practice. It’s effective, affordable and easy to use. Toothflix 2.0 Features Detailed, lifelike 3-D renderings of dental issues and treatments Patient-doctor scenes to put real-life patients at ease Both English and Spanish audio for each DVD Subtitles included in both English and Spanish Short videos—most are about 3 minutes long Ability to play in a loop or show one episode at a time Toothflix 2.0® Complete Series DVD Server Version The ideal choice if you have shared file storage and two-to-ten workstations. For complete technical requirements, visit Practices with more than 10 workstations, call for pricing. X830S Server Version DVD | Members $779.00 Retail $1,168.50 K830Si Server Version DVD + App | Members $839.00 Retail $1,258.50 Toothflix 2.0® App for iOS App features our 26 Toothflix 2.0 videos in both English and Spanish. Show videos on an iPad or email to patients before or after a consult. You can mark favorite videos or even the clips you show most often. X830i App for iPhones + iPads, See page 34 for details | Members $239.00 Retail $358.50 K830i App + Complete Series DVD | Members $449.00 Retail $673.50 X830 Expert education, simplified. 48 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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