BEST SELLER ADA Complete OSHA Compliance Kit This essential kit guides you through the maze of federal regulations and helps you become equipped for OSHA compliance training. With a focus on a variety of health-related topics, the ADA Complete OSHA Compliance Kit is the easiest way to ensure your dental staff knows the rules of OSHA. Whether you want to know about bloodborne pathogens, hazard communications, waste management or other regulatory issues, this kit has the answers. Included are two tools: The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance and The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Training. The compliance guide consists of the Regulatory Compliance Manual and a CD-ROM. The training guide consists of the Compliance for Dental Professionals DVD and workbook. Features: Employee training guidance Requirements of the new Globally Harmonized System for hazard communication Information about changes and new regulations Steps to draft an exposure control plan Steps to record compliance efforts Opportunity to earn three hours of CE credit Keep your team safe and compliant with our OSHA Kit. Includes e-book with digital forms and video streaming. Kit includes: The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance: Regulatory Compliance Manual and e-book The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Training: Compliance for Dental Professionals workbook, streaming video and e-book Earn 3 hours CE credit.* K011BT 3-ring binder + workbook + 2 e-books + streaming video Members $335.95 Retail $502.95 *CE tests are subject to a $20 grading fee per test. Please note COVID-19 implications are not included in this edition. 12 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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