Dental Communication: Letters, Templates and Forms xiii Post-treatment Date Patient Street Address City, State Zip Dear Patient: Thank you for being such a great patient during treatment. Now that we have restored your mouth to a healthy condition, we would like to help you keep it that way. Our practice’s mission is to help patients take preventive action to protect their dental health and keep their teeth for life. Through proper home care and regular dental visits, you can protect your investment in oral health. We count on you to brush and floss regularly, and to tell us of any change in your dental condition or health. You can count on us to contact you for your next dental recare visit. We will call, email or send you a postcard to remind you of your visit. We also would like you to visit our practice website at [web address]. We’ve created a patient-focused site with practice news and the latest dental tips for you and your family. For your convenience, we are available by email at [email address] for non-emergency questions. On Mondays through Fridays, we try to respond to your message within 24 hours. If you have friends, neighbors or co-workers who would like our caring approach to dentistry and who do not have a dentist now, please feel free to refer them to our office at [office number]. We would be glad to welcome them to our practice on your referral. We promise to provide them with the best possible dental care. Thanks again for choosing [practice name]. We appreciate your trust in us. Sincerely, Dentist and Team 30 © 2021 American Dental Association Consequences of Delayed Treatment Date Patient Street Address City, State Zip Dear Patient: It’s been a while since we have seen you. At our last visit, we talked about a treatment plan to help you with [condition]. I have not heard from you, so I am writing to tell you about what may happen if you put off dental treatment. Right now, your problem might be easily treated. But if you wait much longer, your problem may get worse. Possible effects of waiting too long may include: More pain More complex and lengthier treatment Increased treatment costs due to more harm to mouth and teeth Higher risks of infection or complications Longer recovery time Having to take more time off from work for treatment and recovery Simply put, an investment in dentistry now may save you discomfort, money, and time in the long run. Please know that if you have concerns about the cost of the treatment plan, our staff can work with you on a payment plan so you can begin the treatment you need. We want to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Please call us at [office number] or email us at [email address] if you have questions or want to schedule your treatment. We hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Dentist and Team NEW Dental Communication: Letters, Templates and Forms Correspond with ease with existing patients, potential patients, your community, vendors, staff and more with Dental Communication: Letters, Templates and Forms. The book includes more than 150 templates that can be used for many methods of communication, including letters, press releases, newsletter items and social media posts. Formerly called The ADA Practical Guide to Dental Letters, this book has been fully revised, reorganized and updated to reflect the situations dental practices may encounter during closures for large-scale catastrophes such as global pandemics. It still contains the professionally written templates that you have come to know and trust, but also contains new communications for important issues such as: The closing and opening of dental practices due to pandemic events An overview of a practice’s infection control protocols and assurance of the measures that have been taken “Welcome back” messages so patients know you are open for appointments and ready to help get their oral health back on track Templates are adaptable for many purposes, including: Drafting letters for patients, colleagues, vendors and more Creating content for social media and the web Developing and customizing forms for patients in your practice Promoting yourself or your practice in the media Applying for jobs, fellowships and grants and other volunteer opportunities Dental Communication helps you save time on crafting formal messages by providing your practice with professional templates that can be used in a variety of situations, from conducting everyday business, to office announcements and special occasion messages. Digital letter templates are included for easy customization and in-office printing. J05320BT Spiral bound book + e-book, 226 pages Members $69.95 Retail $104.95 Book ISBN: 978-1-68447-153-9 | e-book ISBN: 978-1-68447-154-6 28 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 Treatment Treatment Letters
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