The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions, Second Edition Make sure you are delivering safe oral health care for patients with medical conditions. This book helps you understand how common diseases and conditions relate to dental management, so you can minimize risk and treat medically complex patients safely. The book covers clinical topics including cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, endocrine disorders, bleeding disorders, neurologic disorders, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, geriatric health and functional issues, HIV/AIDS and more. Each chapter contains quick reference points and guides to key dental care issues summary tables help you digest vital information. P031 Paperback book, 516 pages | Members $89.95 Retail $119.95 Book ISBN: 978-1-118-92440-2 KEY FEATURES INCLUDE Coverage of clinical topics including: Cardiovascular Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Endocrine Disorders, Bleed- ing Disorders, Neurologic Disorders, Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Disorders, Geriatric Health and Functional Issues, HIV/AIDS and Related Conditions and more Identification of risks related to hemostasis, susceptibility to infection, drug actions/interactions and ability to tolerate dental care, specific to the patient’s medical condition Quick reference points and guides to key dental care issues in each chapter Medical screening assessment in a dental setting and biomedical screening tests performed by oral health care professionals BEST SELLER The ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease, Second Edition The ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease, Second Edition, emphasizes foundational information on the most common oral diseases and provides summaries of essential information for diagnosing and treating soft tissue oral pathology. With a focus on clinical decision-making, the book includes important information for diagnosing disease and determining the best course of action. In addition to updates to knowledge, references, and images throughout, this edition covers new diagnostic methods, narrowband imaging devices and saliva sample testing. The ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease is an invaluable reference on oral pathology for general dentists. Easy-to-use resource with brief synopses for everyday clinical reference Includes self-testing clinicopathologic exercises to help you further your skills and gain confidence in your knowledge Features detailed color illustrations, treatment algorithms, differential diagnosis and case examples with discussion Includes review questions at the end of each chapter P033 Paperback book, 280 pages | Members $99.95 Retail $129.95 Book ISBN: 978-1-119-43733-8 CLINICAL RESOURCES ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 23 PRACTICE MANAGEMENT
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