HIPAA is not a guessing game Be confident about compliance with this new solution. NEW Compliancy Group: HIPAA Compliance Software Solution Compliancy Group’s software, along with its Compliance Coaches, removes the confusion and uncertainty associated with HIPAA. By working with a dedicated coach, your practice will become HIPAA compliant quickly through self-paced virtual meetings. Once you have completed your personalized compliance program, your coach will verify and validate your efforts and issue your HIPAA Seal of Compliance. The Seal demonstrates your practice’s dedication to protecting patient information, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing risk. The software supplies and stores all required HIPAA documentation, agreements and employee training, while the audit response program protects your practice from HIPAA fines. X300 Compliancy Group: HIPAA Compliance Software Solution For details, visit ADAcatalog.org and search “Compliancy Group”. Features: Dedicated Compliance Coaches HIPAA Audit Response Program Compliance Reporting Dashboard HIPAA Seal of Compliance Guided Security Risk Assessment and Mandatory Audits Automatic Gap Identification and Remediation Personalized Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures HIPAA Training and Employee Attestation Contract Management of Personalized Business Associate and Confidentiality Agreements Need to build a HIPAA program? Your Compliance Coach will help you design a program to fit your practice! 16 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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