Set your practice apart with personalized ADA brochures! When you add your contact information on ADA brochures, you make a lasting impression on your patients. Personalized brochures are a great way to promote your practice in your community. Here are some popular ways your colleagues use ADA personalized brochures: Offices of referring pediatricians and OB-GYNs in your area School presentations Health fairs Chambers of Commerce “Welcome to Our Community” packets Personalization that’s offered for brochures and booklets in this catalog will display this tag: Over 55 topics available. Now with the option to personalize both front and back covers. Personalize and instantly review a digital proof. Access your previous orders for fast and easy reordering. Save more when you buy more. REVISED REVISED REVISED Why Baby Teeth Are Important 8-panel personalized brochure DAB079 | Page 79 Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth: Baby Teeth Can Get Cavities! 8-panel personalized brochure DAB017 | Page 83 Tooth Extraction: Post-Operative Instructions 8-panel personalized brochure DAB008 | Page 76 Your Child’s Teeth from Birth to Age 6 8-panel personalized brochure DAB036 | Page 80 Your Child’s Teeth: Ages 6 to 12 8-panel personalized brochure DAB039 | Page 80 Dental Implants: Are They An Option For You? 12-page personalized brochure DAB023 | Page 71 Periodontal Disease 12-panel personalized brochure DAB009 | Page 53 Scaling and Root Planing: A Treatment for Gum Disease 8-panel personalized brochure DAB034 | Page 52 3 Tooth Replacement Options DAB032 12-panel brochure DAB090 12-page booklet (shown) Page 75 Notice of Privacy Practices 8-panel personalized brochure DAB001 English | Page 63 DAB094 Spanish REVISED PERSONALIZE IT! QTY MEMBER RETAIL 150 $112.50 $169.00 400 $240.00 $360.00 800 $432.00 $648.00 QTY MEMBER RETAIL 150 $90.00 $135.00 400 $224.00 $340.00 800 $400.00 $600.00 QTY MEMBER RETAIL 150 $82.50 $124.00 400 $196.00 $300.00 800 $360.00 $540.00 12-Page Booklets DAB090 | 3 Tooth Replacement Options 12-Page Personalized Brochures DAB009 | Periodontal Disease: Don’t wait until it hurts! DAB032 | 3 Tooth Replacement Options DAB023 | Dental Implants: Are they an option for you? 4-8 Panel Personalized Brochures Personalized Brochure Pricing PERSONALIZED BROCHURES 98 ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 99 PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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