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W013 English Book | Members $69.95 Retail $104.95 | Book ISBN# 978-1-941807-72-9 W014 Spanish Book | Members $69.95 Retail $104.95 | Book ISBN# 978-1-941807-74-3 W013BT English Chairside Book + e-Book | Members $79.95 Retail $119.95 W014BT Spanish Chairside Book + e-Book | Members $79.95 Retail $119.95 W013T English e-Book | Members $59.95 Retail $89.95 | e-Book ISBN# 978-1-941807-73-6 W014T Spanish e-Book | Members $59.95 Retail $89.95 | e-Book ISBN# 978-1-941807-75-0 With 51 new and revised images, including: The Chairside Instructor 20 Gum Recession Treatments Gum Disease Before gum graft Exposed tooth roots are more at risk for cavities and sensitivity. After gum graft Repaired gums now protect tooth roots. Exposed tooth roots Before gum graft Image ©Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. After gum graft Image ©Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. One or more of these treatments could be recommended by your dentist: Proper brushing techniques can help prevent damage to your gums. Your dentist or hygienist can work with you on the best ways to clean your teeth. Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) is often the first step in healing your gums. Adjusting or remaking partial dentures will make sure they fit correctly. Surgery is sometimes needed to treat gum recession. Gum Graft A thin piece of gum tissue is taken from another place in your mouth and attached where your gum tissue has receded. Grafts may be done around one or more teeth to protect the root from sensitivity and decay. Grafts can also be used to make a smile look better. Gum Graft The Chairside Instructor 14 Stages of Gum Disease Gum Disease Normal, Healthy Gums Your teeth are held in place by gums, bone and connective tissues. Your gums tightly hug your teeth and there is little or no buildup of plaque and tartar on them. Gingivitis The bacteria in plaque make your gums red, tender, and swollen. Your gums might bleed at this stage. You also can have gingivitis and not have any signs of it. Periodontitis In time, your body responds to the harmful toxins that the bacteria produce by breaking down the gum tissues and bone around your teeth. Advanced Periodontitis Your teeth may become loose, fall out or need to be removed by your dentist. Loose or missing teeth can create problems, like making it hard for you to eat the foods you like. Pus Gums Ligament Bone Image ©Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Gum Disease The Chairside Instructor 24 Cavities Decay, Cavities and Restorations General Steps of a Filling 1. Tooth is prepared. Your dentist will help you feel comfortable during treatment and will go over options that will make sure you don’t feel any pain in and around the tooth being filled. Your mouth may be numbed. 2. Decay is removed. Your dentist removes all of the decayed area from your tooth. 3. Tooth is Rinsed and Dried. Your tooth is rinsed and dried to get it ready for the filling material. 4. Filling material is placed and shaped. Once the new filling is in place, your dentist will shape to restore the form of your tooth. Your bite is also checked to make sure it feels natural. When decay gets through the enamel of your tooth, a cavity can form. Once a cavity forms, it can continue to spread deeper and deeper into the layers of your tooth. It’s important to catch and treat a cavity as early as possible to avoid serious problems, like an abscess or an infection. gum recession peri-implantitis tobacco and oral health Stages of periodontal disease Stages of tooth decay Abscess Braces with gingivitis Advanced periodontitis Steps of a filling Apicoectomy Root hemisection and restoration Initial decay in baby teeth Tori Gum recession Tooth erosion Levels of sugar in popular beverages Proper amounts of toothpaste for children (rice and pea comparisons) Scaling Root planing Conventional complete dentures Peri-implantitis Staining, recession, and gum disease from tobacco use BEST ELECTRONIC BOOK BEST TECHNICAL BOOK QTY MEMBER RETAIL 1-9 $69.95 $104.95 10-24 $65.00 $97.50 25+ $59.95 $89.95 Bulk Pricing for Books To order in bulk for your practice or institution, contact or 312.440.4649. Great resource for dental hygiene and assisting programs! 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