NEW Dentistry and the Pregnant Patient This book serves as an easy-to-use guide to help dentists of all specialties provide safe, effective care for their patients during pregnancy. The book is broken down into chapters on general treatment guidelines, pregnancy-related conditions in each organ system that may impact care, and the safety of the use of common dental drugs, including anesthetics, during pregnancy. With over 50 quick-reference charts and tables and a breakdown of treatment recommendations by trimester, this book is a must-have for any dental office. P052 Book, 152 pages | $48.00 Book ISBN# 978-0-86715-779-6 NEW Understanding Bruxism: Current Knowledge and Practice This book outlines the various etiologies and aggravating factors of bruxism, distinguishing the different types of bruxism, and demonstrating how to complete a differential diagnosis. In keeping with the latest evidence, the authors promote a more conservative approach to treatment and outline which treatment strategies to use in different situations. This well researched book is the best available overall summary on bruxism for the dental practitioner. P053 Book, 159 pages with 179 illustrations $158.00 Book ISBN# 978-2-36615-039-1 NEW Orofacial Pain: Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management, Sixth Edition This book offers the latest research and most up-to-date information on orofacial pain, including a concise overview of each condition as well as its symptoms, comorbidities, differential diagnosis, and treatment options. Every chapter has undergone critical updates to reflect the developments in the expanding field of orofacial pain, including the glossary. These updates include: The addition of new diseases such as first- bite syndrome Revised information on genetic factors to reflect new insights gleaned from the OPPERA studies Expanded information on management strategies for certain conditions Revisions to screening tools for bio behavioral factors In addition, the classification system used in the fifth edition has been replaced and extended and includes DSM-5 codes where applicable. This book remains an essential tool for any dentist who treats patients with orofacial pain. P051 Book, 327 pages with 9 illustrations | $56.00 Book ISBN# 978-0-86715-768-0 Stay current on the latest dental research with new clinical guides! Guidelines for Practice Success™ Kit Kit includes: P552BT Managing Patients P554BT Managing the Dental Team P550BT Managing Finances P553BT Managing Marketing P555BT Managing the Regulatory Environment For individual product descriptions, see K500BT Kit, 5 Books + 5 e-Books | Members $119.50 Retail $179.70 Individual GPS books with free e-Books Members $29.95 Retail $44.95 GUIDELINES FOR PRACTICE SUCCESS is a trademark of the American Dental Association. Get straightforward, ethically based practice management guidelines to help your practice succeed. GPS guides are developed in collaboration with dental industry leaders and include checklists, worksheets, sample policies and tip sheets. 24 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 MANAGING YOUR PRACTICE ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 25 PRACTICE MANAGEMENT
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