NEW Find-A-Code’s 2019 Reimbursement Guide for Dentistry This valuable guide gives you all the coding, billing, and documentation support to get paid properly and avoid denials, with help from insider’s secrets. Input from customers, coders, and auditors has been combined into one great resource for dental professionals. Includes: Dentistry-specific ICD-10-CM, CDT, CPT, and HCPCS code lists A selection of specialty-specific Provider Documentation Guides, an exclusive Find-A-Code clinical documentation improvement tool for teaching ICD-10 in 10 minutes Updates on risk adjustment (e.g., HCC) and value-based reimbursement (e.g., MACRA) “CPT to CDT” and “CDT to CPT” code crosswalks “InstaGuide” for medical billing P039 Book, 688 pages | $199.00 ISBN# 978-1-64072-032-9 ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN THE 2019 EDITION INCLUDE: Managed care plans PPO/HMO Requesting a gap exception Appealing denied services Medical claim form FAQs NEW FEATURES IN 2019 Maximizing legitimate reimbursement Properly calculating write-offs (COB) Scenarios for new CDT 2019 codes Navigating Medicaid and Medicare REVISED Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence (2019 Edition) No matter your experience level, this is a must-have for every practice. This powerful resource explains the different types of medical codes, how to complete a medical claim form, and how to properly submit claims to medical payers. Especially useful for dentists who perform oral surgery, fabricate appliances for sleep apnea or deal with patients with TMD. P038 Book, 864 pages | $349.95 ISBN# 978-0-692-10813-0 REVISED Administration with Confidence (2019 Edition) Achieve proper claims submission with this comprehensive resource. Filing insurance claims is often a challenge for dental teams, so make sure your staff is prepared. From reporting the wrong CDT code to not sending the correct supporting documentation, improperly filed claims cost you time and money. This easy-to-follow guide offers solutions for both common and complex submission problems. P041 Book, 518 pages | $109.95 ISBN# 978-0-692-10812-3 NEW ICD-10-CM: Diagnoses for Dental Diseases and Conditions This skimmable booklet is extremely useful to dentists who may bill medical benefits plans or Medicaid, especially if they deal with patients with medical conditions such as pregnancy or diabetes. The booklet distills the nearly 70,000 available ICD codes to the approximately 750 most applicable to dentistry. These codes and their meanings are listed in 17 separate sections, enabling dental professionals to easily record diagnostic and descriptive information on patient records and claims. J051BT Booklet, 66 pages | Members $9.95 Retail $14.95 ISBN# 978-1-68447-047-1 BEST SELLER HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Kit Keep up to date with HIPAA and OSHA changes. This complete ADA kit includes all the tools you need to train your staff and stay on top of HIPAA and OSHA regulations. Kit includes: The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Compliance: Privacy and Security Manual with digital forms The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Training CD-ROM The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance: Regulatory Compliance Manual with digital forms The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Training: Compliance for Dental Professionals DVD Earn 4-5 hours CE credit.* *CE tests are subject to a $20 grading fee per test. K017BT Kit | Members $599.00 Retail $898.50 When was the last time you trained your staff on HIPAA and OSHA? 8 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 CODING AND COMPLIANCE HIPAA AND OSHA KIT ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 9 CODING AND COMPLIANCE
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