Whether you are fresh out of dental school or transitioning into a new practice, the Practice Starter Kit has tools for your success. Dental Letters provides instant, professional correspondence for patients, insurance companies and vendors, while the Employee Policy Manual uses chapter-by-chapter instructions to help you develop a customized employee handbook for your office. Get the ADA resources you need for your practice with the ADA Practice Starter Kit HIPAA and OSHA resources guide you through federal regulations and compliance requirements, as well as staff training. Patient education offerings include The Chairside Instructor and two of the ADA’s most popular patient education booklets, Your Smile: An Owner’s Manual and Your Child’s Teeth. The kit includes: A. S696BT The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance: Regulatory Compliance Manual* B. P889BT The ADA Practical Guide to OSHA Training: Compliance for Dental Professionals* C. J053BT The ADA Practical Guide to Dental Letters* D. W177 Your Child’s Teeth (50 brochures) REVISED * Includes free e-Book B. C. D. G. H. A. E. F. E. J598BT ADA Complete HIPAA Compliance Kit (2 products, Manual and Training CD-ROM)* F. J670BT Creating and Updating an Employee Policy Manual* G. W013 The Chairside Instructor book H. W302 Your Smile: An Owner’s Manual (50 brochures) K024 Kit, 9 products | Members $700.00 Retail $1,050.00 Buy the kit and save $280 off individual products. 30 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 MANAGING YOUR PRACTICE ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 31 PRACTICE MANAGEMENT
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