ADA Practical Guide to Patients
with Medical Conditions
This evidence-based guide takes a patient-focused approach to
help you deliver safe, coordinated oral health care for patients with
medical conditions.
Written by more than 25 expert academics and clinicians, this second
edition updates all the protocols and guidelines for treatment and
medications and adds more information to aid with patient medical
assessments. The book clearly organizes individual conditions
under three headings: background, medical management, and
dental management. Other sections contain disease descriptions,
pathogenesis, coordination of care between dentist and physician,
and key questions to ask the patient and physician.
Book, 495 pages
Members $69.95
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Book ISBN# 978-1-118-92440-2
Coverage of clinical topics including: Cardiovascular Disease,
Pulmonary Disease, Endocrine Disorders, Bleeding Disorders,
Neurologic Disorders, Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric
Disorders, Geriatric Health and Functional Issues, HIV/AIDS
and Related Conditions and more
Identification of risks related to hemostasis, susceptibility
to infection, drug actions/interactions, and ability to tolerate
dental care, specific to the patient’s medical condition
Quick reference points and guides to key dental
care issues in each chapter
A new chapter on medical screening assessment in a
dental setting and biomedical screening tests performed
by oral health care professionals
The ADA Practical Guide to Substance
Use Disorders and Safe Prescribing
With the growing problem of opioid abuse, it’s more important
than ever to understand substance use disorders (SUD) and
how to prescribe medication safely.
This Practical Guide is vital for dentists and staff as they navigate:
Detecting and deterring substance use disorders and drug
diversion in the dental office (drug-seeking patients)
Prescribing complexities
Treating patients with SUD and complex analgesic and sedation
(pain/sedation management) needs and the best use of sedation
anxiety medication
Interviewing and counseling options for SUD
Federal drug regulations
Commonly used illicit, prescription, and over-the-counter
drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco, are also covered.
Earn 5 hours CE credit.
CE tests are subject to a $20 grading fee per test.
Book, 220 pages
Members $69.95
Retail $104.95
Book ISBN# 978-1-118-88601-4
Medically Complex Patient Kit
Save $20 off the individual book prices!
Kit includes:
P031 Patients with Medical Conditions
P035 Substance Use Disorders and
Safe Prescribing
Kit, 2 books
Members $120.00
Retail $180.00
Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
This kit helps dentists and dental teams prepare for potential medical
emergencies in the dental practice, giving them a solid foundation
of the basics before there’s even a hint of trouble. The manual and
videos cover:
Recommended equipment and supplies for a dental emergency kit
Staff assignments during an emergency and the responsibilities
of each role
Dealing discreetly with other people in the office during an
emergency, such as other patients and the medically distressed
person’s spouse or caretaker
The importance of thorough recordkeeping during a medical
event, and what to include in these notes
How giving specific location instructions to emergency medical
technicians can save time and possibly a life when every
second counts
Earn 5 hours CE credit.
CE tests are subject to a $20 grading fee per test.
Book, e-Book, DVD and Streaming Videos
Members $135.00
Retail $202.50
Book ISBN# 978-1-68447-005-1
Step-by-step instructions to aid in identifying and
managing common medical emergencies, such as fainting,
asthma attacks, allergic reactions, seizures, diabetic events,
strokes and cardiac arrest
List of recommended equipment and supplies for a
dental emergency kit
Detailed duty sheet instructing each team member
of their tasks during a medical emergency
Four educational videos for the dentist and team to
watch via DVD or streaming video
CE test worth three credit hours
1 It Won’t Happen Here discusses what constitutes a medical
emergency, factors that may increase the likelihood of one,
and what you should do to be prepared.
2 My Role in a Crisis details the assignments and duties
of each dental team member in a medical emergency.
3 Using Medical Equipment is a brief overview on how to
use common medical supplies and equipment during
an emergency.
4 Crisis in a Clinic shows a dental team successfully
managing a medical emergency.
Available in February
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