Toothflix 2.0 App for iOS
If your practice uses iPads in patient care, Toothflix® 2.0
is the educational app for you! The app includes all 26 of
our updated Toothflix 2.0 videos, intuitively arranged for
quick access. Includes both Spanish and English videos!
Email videos to patients before or after a consult; mark
your favorite videos or even the exact video clips you
show most often.
The “last watched” feature makes it easy to retrieve
the videos you use most. Internet connection required
to use the app. Currently available for Apple devices
only; Dudley videos appear in English only. Order from, then complete your download on the
App Store.
For the list of 26 included videos, see page 46.
Retail $358.50
Members $239.00
TOOTHFLIX is a registered trademark of the
American Dental Association.
Chairside Instructor App For iOS
Now offering over 250 full-color dental images and
25 animations, the ADA Chairside Instructor App is your
all-in-one resource for visual patient education.
New expanded content now includes these topics:
Effects of sugar on oral health; steps of filling a cavity;
tooth erosion; gum recession; peri-implantitis; and
tobacco use.
Plus, the app includes these features:
51 new or revised full-color images
Show the silent animations on your Apple device
Draw on pictures and email them to patients
Upload photos from your own Camera Roll
Includes both English and Spanish text
WiFi printing
Add frequently viewed topics to your Favorites
list for quick access or create your own
Download on up to 6 devices for your dental
team to use
Order the app online at or call
800.947.4746, then complete your download on the App
Store. Or for a free preview, go directly to the App Store.
Retail $149.95
Members $99.95
App + Chairside Book
Retail $164.95
Members $109.95
Book + e-book
Retail $119.95
Members $79.95
For Chairside book options, see page 43.
Our apps put patient education, CDT codes
and diagnostic tools in the palm of your hand.
Free preview versions are available at the App Store. Just
search for Toothflix, Chairside, CDT or Oral Pathologist.
Email videos to patients
and save your favorite
clips for fast access!
Add the Chairside
Instructor book for
only $10 extra.
ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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