Big Word Smile Large Supply Bag DAG121L | See page 90 Ordering ADA Personalized Products online is now easier than ever! Visit for additional products and design options. 1. Add the product to your shopping cart. 2. Select the address template you wish to use with or without clip art. (Note: Size of the personalized space will vary by product type.) 3. Personalize it! Your address data will automatically load into the editing tool. Click inside the box to make any changes. Tips will appear onscreen to walk you through the steps. 4. If ordering postcards you can write your own message or select one from the ADA content library. Click “Edit” inside the message box to see message choices. 5. Review or download your proof, approve it and you’re all done! 6. Once your order is shipped, your personalized information is saved for quick reordering. After you add the product to your shopping cart, simply select the previous order from your saved template page. Infection Control Postcard | DAP152 | See page 92 Got Floss Postcard | DAP106 | See page 93 Make a big impact with ADA personalized brochures, supply bags and recall cards. Your Child’s Teeth from Birth to Age 6 DAB036 | See page 70 Periodontal Disease: Your Complete Guide | DAB092 | See page 45 Personalized Products PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 89
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