DAB001 | Page 53 Spanish, DAB094 W109 | Page 53 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB064 W120 | Page 45 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB092 Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) Dental Treatment Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) Dental Treatment PERIODONTAL HYGIENE Brochure Index ADA patient education brochures provide information that patients can carry with them. They help drive case acceptance, build practice loyalty and are written for easy understanding. Periodontal Periodontal Disease Your Complete Guide W30220 | Page 48 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB093 W102 | Page 49 W138 | Page 48 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB097 W112 | Page 50 W137 | Page 50 REGULAR VISITS See samples of any brochure at ADAcatalog.org. Go to the product’s page and click on the sample icon. Health Should You Take Antibiotics before Your Dental Treatment? Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Talk to your dentist about snoring Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Talk to your dentist about snoring Health W164 | Page 60 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB074 W28820 | Page 59 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB028 W131 | Page 60 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB073 W193 | Page 60 DAB075 W285 | Page 59 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB026 W56620 | Page 52 W279 | Page 57 W30720 | Page 57 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB096 W265 | Page 54 Spanish, W246 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB024 JAW ISSUES COSMETIC TREATMENT REGULAR VISITS OVERALL HEALTH W416 | Page 57 W15320 | Page 55 W20320 | Page 55 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB021 W151 | Page 58 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB072 W292 | Page 56 Spanish, W297 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB031 W190 | Page 58 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB070 W168 | Page 58 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB098 PERSONALIZE IT! W26320 | Page 42 Spanish, W29820 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB037 Scaling and Root Planing A Treatment for Gum Disease Periodontal W613 | Page 42 Spanish, W299 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB034 W12120 | Page 43 Spanish, W22220 Chinese, W314 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB009 W512 | Page 44 W107 | Page 44 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB067 Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums Prevention Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums Prevention W135 | Page 49 Spanish, W211 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB011 W257 | Page 50 W258 | Page 50 Sample W604 | Page 56 PERSONALIZE IT! DAB068 28 UPDATED BROCHURES! PATIENT EDUCATION 38 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 BROCHURE INDEX ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 39
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