Provide ADA brochures to explain tooth loss and tooth replacement options. ADA Flip Guide to Dental Implants This versatile visual aid clearly illustrates the benefits of implant treatment. Now includes section on peri- implantitis. Shows single implants, implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures. Includes illustrations of implant placement and before-and-after photos. Also explains the process of building up bone to support an implant, as well as post-treatment care for implants. W483 10 pages | Members $39.95 Retail $59.95 ISBN: 978-1-941807-97-2 Your Single Tooth Implant Dental Treatment Your Single Tooth Implant Dental Treatment Your Single Tooth Implant Reinforce the message that nothing comes closer to replacing a natural tooth than a dental implant. This brochure reviews the reasons to replace a missing tooth and illustrates the structure of a single implant. Describes the benefits of implants and reviews who is a good candidate. W173 6 panels, 50 per pack PERSONALIZE IT! DAB077 Pricing for Brochures PACKS MEMBER RETAIL 1 $28.00 $42.00 2-9 $23.80 $35.70 10+ $21.00 $31.50 BEST SELLER 3 Tooth Replacement Options This best-selling booklet can help you and your patients more thoroughly review each available option for tooth replacement. It covers the benefits of implants, fixed bridges and removable partial dentures. W293 12-page booklet, 50 per pack PERSONALIZE IT! Prices on page 94 12-panel brochure DAB032 | 12-page booklet DAB090 Pricing for 3 Tooth Replacement Options PACKS MEMBER RETAIL 1 $35.00 $52.50 2-9 $29.75 $44.65 10+ $26.25 $39.35 Includes a comparison chart to help your patients choose the best option! PATIENT EDUCATION 62 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 IMPLANTS | RESTORATIVE TREATMENT ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 63
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