ADA Flip Guide to Periodontal Disease Flip open this guide and let the perio pictures do the talking! Photos, illustrations and text delineate each stage of periodontal disease. Treatment graphics show scaling and root planing and perio surgery. Includes gum recession and gum disease with braces. Also educates patients about hygiene with step-by-step brushing and flossing photos. Use chairside or pop out the built-in easel and display in a treatment room or reception area. W463 13 pages | Members $39.95 Retail $59.95 ISBN: 978-1-941807-96-5 © 2017 American Dental Association W406 Periodontal Disease also called Gum Disease Probe Ligament Tartar (calculus) Inflamed Gums Pockets Bone Loss Healthy Gums Normal Bone Level Stages of Periodontal Disease Normal, Healthy Gums Teeth are held firmly in place by the gums, bone and periodontal ligament. Gums hug the teeth and there is little or no buildup of plaque on them. Gingivitis Plaque bacteria irritate the gums, making them tender, inflamed and likely to bleed. You can also have gingivitis and not have any signs of it. Image ©Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Periodontitis Pockets form between teeth and gums, collecting bacteria that attack tissue and bone. Without treatment, teeth may be lost to the disease. Warning Signs gums that bleed when you brush or floss gums that are red, swollen, puffy, or tender gums that no longer hug your teeth tightly bad breath that doesn’t go away pus between your teeth and gums feeling that your teeth are loose a change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite a change in the way your partial dentures fit You may notice one or some of these warning signs, or you may not notice any warning signs at all. X-Rays X-ray showing supporting bone. X-ray showing periodontal bone loss. Periodontal probe of healthy gums. Periodontal probe showing space forming between the tooth root and the gums. Dentists call this a pocket. Periodontal Probing 6mm 6mm 2mm Treating gum disease is most successful in the early stages and can help prevent tooth loss. Periodontal Disease Chart Show the damaging effects of periodontal disease at a glance by displaying our colorful, laminated wall chart. Bone loss radiographs combined with updated probing illustrations and our “stages of periodontal disease” photos tell the story. Warning signs are also listed. Hanging supplies included. W406 16” x 20” laminated poster | Members $34.95 Retail $52.45 Periodontal Screening & Recording Sticker Sheet Replacement stickers to be used with the Periodontal Screening and Recording program. J6079 300 stickers | Members $15.00 Retail $22.50 Use this flip guide chairside or display it in the reception area. Full-color graphics show each stage of periodontal disease. BEST SELLER Patient Education Kit This collection of our top-selling patient education resources is a must for any general practice! Colorful, glossy brochures cover a wide range of topics so you’re always prepared the invaluable The Chairside Instructor picture book features more than 250 full-color photos and illustrations. The Patient Education Kit offers a $156 savings over purchasing the products separately. K006 12 products | Members $284.95 Retail $427.45 The kit includes: W013 | The Chairside Instructor, 11th Edition W016 | Brochure Display Rack 50 each of the following top 10 brochures: REVISED W11720 | Root Canal Therapy W119 | Tooth Extraction REVISED W12120 | Periodontal Disease REVISED W14020 | Why Do I Need a Crown? W265 | Why Doesn’t My Insurance Pay for This? W177 | Your Child’s Teeth REVISED W26320 | Periodontal Maintenance REVISED W291 | Dental Sealants W293 | 3 Tooth Replacement Options REVISED W30220 | Your Smile: An Owner’s Manual PATIENT EDUCATION 46 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 PERIODONTAL DISEASE | PATIENT EDUCATION KIT ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 47
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