Captivate patients in the waiting room and show the treatment plan in the consult room. ADA TV does both. New Original Content Every Month “I used to just show the news in my waiting room, but now I can show content that’s specific to my patients—and my practice. I use it [ADA TV] to educate my patients on services they may not otherwise know I do, like implants or whitening. It gets the conversation going and has led to increased bookings. It’s paid for itself many times over.” Dr. Bill Keith, Mission, Kan. Researched. Proven. Endorsed. ADA TV is exclusively endorsed by ADA Member Advantage! Learn more at Visit to view a demo video! Call 800.840.5383 for pricing and subscription details. Visit to demo or call 800.840.5383 for more information. Plug in. Play. Exceptional patient care starts in the waiting room. Now is the time to discover why ADA TV has become one of the world’s most popular dental waiting room streaming services. ADA TV is a user-friendly, high-tech entertainment and marketing system that empowers your dental practice with customized streaming content that will educate, entertain and promote your services to patients on the TV located in your reception area. Simply plug our small Chromebit computer stick into your TV HDMI port and connect to your WiFi network. Educate patients by streaming popular ADA Toothflix® 2.0 patient education videos (English and Spanish) and other tutorials. Promote your practice with digital marketing signage, treatment highlights and testimonials. Stream news, sports, finance and entertainment. Show real-time local news updates, weather and stock tickers. Display custom Facebook posts on your TV. Customize the system with your personal videos and promotions. NEW! Chairside Consult Mode: Show vibrant and easy-to-understand instructional tutorials and 3D animations chairside to simplify patient comprehension and increase case acceptance. How ADA TV works 1. Sign up Call 800.840.5383 to subscribe. Please mention the ADA Catalog when speaking to a representative. 2. Select your content Content is customized by procedure, digital signage, videos, patient testimonials, social media and news feed tickers. We help you personalize the system based on your specific practice’s goals and services. 3. Plug in. Play. Your ADA TV device arrives to you ready to go. All you have to do is plug it in to your flat screen TV, connect it to your WiFi signal and your playlist instantly begins! You have complete control over your playlist. Add videos and slides, change their order or remove items to keep ADA TV fresh and relevant. Play specific clips on the fly. Create separate playlists for specific topics and occasions, like seasonal promotions, elective procedures, etc. PBHS will automatically keep your ADA TV content updated for you! Now Playing Everywhere 80 ORDER BY PHONE: 888.993.5664 LOG ON FOR MORE INFO: ADA.ORG/TV 81
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