P556 P558 Diseased Tooth Model The Diseased Tooth Model is a 3-dimensional representation of 2 molars and 2 bicuspids that makes it easy to show patients common pathologies. This model shows a cracked tooth, a filling, a post in a finished root canal, inflamed gums, diseased pulp, an abscess, cavity decay, and a porcelain crown. Includes a two-sided card labeling all the conditions. P556 2 lbs, 3½” x 5½” x 1¾” | Members $69.00 Retail $103.50 BEST SELLER Clear Jaw with Pathologies Model Demonstrate pathologies from common to not-so-common with this life- sized model. Clear jaw and gingiva let patients see what’s happening below the gum line. Hinged design has one healthy side and one side showing 16 issues such as root fracture, radicular pulpitis, impaction, internal resorption, periodontal disease and abscess, super eruption, fracture, erosion and abfraction. Also shows a root canal and crown and an implant. Includes two- sided plastic card labeling all the conditions. P558 1 lb, 3½” x 2¾” x 2½” | Members $97.00 Retail $145.50 Have feedback about the patient education products? Have an idea for a topic we don’t offer? Contact us at catalog@ada.org. Dudley videos hold kids’ attention while they learn about brushing, flossing, sealants, mouthguards, healthy eating and the importance of regular dental visits. Our streaming service lets you play Dudley videos on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other web-enabled device. No DVD required! Just order the “video streaming” version of the video(s) you want–only $14.99 each for members! Immediate access. Once you order your video(s), visit your ADA e-bookshelf to view right away. The link is in your order confirmation email. Convenience. Log on to your e-bookshelf with your ADA username and password anytime, anywhere using a web-enabled device. No need for additional software. As long as you have an Internet connection and web browser, you can log on to watch videos. Dudley DVDs BEST SELLER Dudley and Dental Health: The Complete Animated Series on DVD Includes: Dudley Goes to Camp Brush and Floss Dudley Visits the Dentist Dudley’s Classroom Adventure Brushing Magic with Dudley and Dee Dee Dudley’s Grade School Musical X636 DVD, 35 minutes Members $125.00 Retail $187.50 Dudley’s Grade School Musical Bring glee to children of all ages with the ADA’s latest oral health video featuring Dudley the Dinosaur. Dudley and his friends audition for “Teeth: The Musical” and sing catchy songs about: Brushing and Flossing Mouthguards Healthy Eating Guaranteed to make learning about oral health fun for kids pre-school age through Grade 4. X889 DVD, 8 minutes | Members $50.00 Retail $75.00 Streaming videos available! More Dudley video options are available at ADAcatalog.org, including individual DVDs and streaming videos. Just search “Dudley”. 88 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746 PATIENT EDUCATION EXRACTIONS | MOUTH MODELS ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 89
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