DAP050 | Postcard DAL050 | Laser Card Don’t leave your teeth stranded! Schedule your dental checkup today. DAP036 | Postcard DAL036 | Laser Card DAL096 | Mixed Deck Laser Cards- Healthy Reminder DAP152 | Postcard DAL152 | Laser Card You’re in safe hands. Our office always practices a high level of infection control, following standard precautions for patient care as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure your health and safety. Family Dentistry 312.440.2500 jordanjohnsondentistry.com Recall and Marketing Cards Choose a message from the ADA content library or write your own message. Available as preprinted postcards or as printer-ready laser card sheets. Order Your Personalized Postcards or Laser Cards Postcards: Single cards to address with your own labels or by hand. Laser Cards: Sheets of 4 cards on microperforated, jam-free paper for your printer. POSTCARD 4¼” x 6” 4-UP LASER CARD 4¼” x 5½” Order in multiples of 100 QTY MEMBER RETAIL 200 $76.00 $114.00 500 $180.00 $260.00 1,000 $340.00 $450.00 2,500 $625.00 $825.00 5,000 $950.00 $1,250.00 DAP048 | Postcard DAL048 | Laser Card to see your smile DAP051 | Postcard DAL051 | Laser Card DAP042 | Postcard DAL042 | Laser Card THAT MOMENT YOU REALIZE YOUR DENTAL APPOINTMENT IS TODAY. DAP034 | Postcard DAL034 | Laser Card to visit your dentist. BEST SELLER DAP074 | Postcard DAL074 | Laser Card BEST SELLER DAP138 | Postcard DAL138 | Laser Card 92 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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