BEST SELLER Dental Implants: Are They an Option for You? Dental Implants: Are They an Option for You? covers all of the most common implant scenarios and helps your patients make a well-informed decision on tooth replacement with one brochure. This brochure: Emphasizes the benefits and value of implants as a restorative option Shows illustrations of a single tooth implant, as well as implant-supported bridges and dentures Lays out the major steps of implant placement, healing and prosthesis placement in a manner suited to both conventional and immediate-load implants W234 12-page brochure, 50 per pack PERSONALIZE IT! DAB023 Pricing for Dental Implants Brochure STANDARD BROCHURES PACKS MEMBER RETAIL 1 $35.00 $52.50 2–9 $29.75 $44.65 10+ $26.25 $39.35 PERSONALIZED BROCHURES QTY MEMBER RETAIL 150 $82.50 $124.00 400 $196.00 $300.00 800 $360.00 $540.00 PATIENT EDUCATION JAW ISSUES | IMPLANTS ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 69
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