Oral Health for Adults Over 60 Adults over 60 can face unique oral health challenges. Provide your patients with a dedicated resource from the ADA that discusses common issues to be aware of and take steps to prevent. Addresses some common pitfalls, such as dry mouth, side effects of prescription medication and periodontitis Gives prevention and treatment tips Reinforces that getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your teeth W416 6 panels, 50 per pack Dry Mouth Inform your patients that dry mouth can lead to more than just discomfort. Reviews some of the major contributors to dry mouth, including prescription medication and salivary gland disease Describes additional problems, such as tooth decay and mouth sores, that can result from letting it go untreated Goes over potential options for dry mouth relief, such as sugar-free gum and alcohol-free mouthrinse W279 8 panels, 50 per pack Should You Take Antibiotics before Your Dental Treatment? Most people do not need antibiotics before dental treatment. This brochure helps to answer your patients’ specific questions about antibiotic prophylaxis. Explains the limited situations in which the American Heart Association recommends taking preventive antibiotics Conveys the reasons most people don’t need antibiotic prophylaxis, including potential harms, and encourages patients to discuss with their physician, orthopedic surgeon or cardiologist W30720 6 panels, 50 per pack PERSONALIZE IT! DAB096 Health Should You Take Antibiotics before Your Dental Treatment? PATIENT EDUCATION OVERALL HEALTH ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 65
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