BEST SELLER Your Smile: An Owner’s Manual Give your patients the ultimate guide for keeping their smiles healthy. This booklet covers all the basics, from brushing and flossing to nutrition to treatment for periodontal disease. Answer your patients’ most common questions with a single resource. Features: Step-by-step brushing and flossing guide Before and after images of tartar removal in a professional cleaning Warning signs of gum disease and tooth decay Before and after images of veneer placement Tooth replacement options, including bridges, dentures and implants W30220 20 pages, 50 per pack PERSONALIZE IT! DAB093 Hate to Floss? 3 Other Ways to Clean Between Your Teeth If your patients hate to floss, give them this brochure and introduce three alternatives that can be just as effective as using traditional string floss. Covers alternatives to floss: pre-threaded floss holders, dental picks/brushes and powered interdental cleaners Show methods that may be easier for them to adopt as part of their daily oral hygiene routine W138 Mini-brochure, 100 per pack PERSONALIZE IT! DAB097 Personalized version is a standard-sized 6-panel brochure. We take your feedback seriously! The ADA relies on input from members to ensure we are providing the right solutions to help you successfully run your practice. We’d love to hear from you, too! Email us at Pricing for Mini-Brochures Pricing for Booklet STANDARD BOOKLETS PACKS MEMBER RETAIL 1 $35.00 $52.50 2–9 $29.75 $44.65 10+ $26.25 $39.35 STANDARD MINI-BROCHURES PACKS MEMBER RETAIL 1 $35.00 $52.50 2–9 $29.75 $44.65 10+ $26.25 $39.35 PERSONALIZED BOOKLETS QTY MEMBER RETAIL 150 $142.50 $214.00 400 $360.00 $540.00 800 $680.00 $1,020.00 PERSONALIZED MINI-BROCHURES QTY MEMBER RETAIL 150 $82.50 $124.00 400 $196.00 $300.00 800 $360.00 $540.00 56 ORDER BY PHONE: 800.947.4746
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