BEST SELLER Patient Education Kit This collection of our top-selling patient education resources is a must for any general practice! Colorful, glossy brochures cover a wide range of topics so you’re always prepared the invaluable The Chairside Instructor features more than 220 full-color photos and illustrations. The Patient Education Kit offers a $168 savings over purchasing the products separately. K006 12 products | Members $284.95 Retail $427.95 The kit includes: NEW W01321BT | The Chairside Instructor, 12th Edition W016 | Brochure Display Rack 50 each of the following top 10 brochures: W11720 | Root Canal Therapy W119 | Tooth Extraction W12120 | Periodontal Disease W14020 | Why Do I Need a Crown? W265 | Why Doesn’t My Insurance Pay for This? W177 | Your Child’s Teeth W26320 | Periodontal Maintenance W291 | Dental Sealants W293 | 3 Tooth Replacement Options W30220 | Your Smile: An Owner’s Manual PATIENT EDUCATION PERIODONTAL DISEASE | PATIENT EDUCATION KIT ORDER ONLINE: ADACATALOG.ORG 55
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